Zippered Tote Bags

This bag is the largest of all!   

It is 14 inches wide at the bottom and 18.5 inches wide at the top. It is 12.75 inches high and 5 inches deep. And it is also scotchguarded. It can be used as a carry-on bag, or it can easily carry your computer along with books, notebooks and other gear. Or, it is also great for a quick get-away!

It has three handy slip pockets on the front as well as a large velcro closing pocket on the back for magazines etc. Inside there is a secure zipper pocket and additional slip pockets. Everything stays safe with a secure with a zipper on the top!


Beautiful cranberry, green, tan, and gold paisley fabric with cranberry fabric band and handles. gold cording. Extra removable, adjustable cross body strap attached to the sides.        Sold


Honey colored linen fabric with cream and gold flowers has crisscross pockets with honey bands and handles, and cream cording.



Beautiful navy and tan wool herringbone fabric with tan suede bands, bottom, and handles with navy cording.  Sold


This classic tan and brown woven zebra design has crisscross pockets with tan suede bands and handles, and brown cording.  



Eye catching black floral linen weave fabric bag is extra tall with black bands and handles.Yellow cording.    Sold


Classic Black, cream, grays wool woven fabric with black band, bottom and handles. Red cording accent. Extra removable, adjustable crossbody strap attached to the sides  Sold